About The Show

William Ryan, III counts down the Top 20 Christian songs every week on ‘20 The Countdown Magazine‘. This 2-hour weekly “magazine-style” show is the longest-running Christian music countdown in the World! Originally created by Jon Rivers over 35 years ago, William began hosting this legendary show in 2019 after Jon’s retirement. Learn more about William and the show here.

The countdown features the top 20 songs of the week based on radio play, streams, and downloads. These songs are the current ones you’re most likely playing on your radio station right now and that your listeners already love! In addition to the music, the show also includes:


    • Exclusive “Stories Behind the Songs” from the artists themselves
    • The Latest Christian music news in our “3 Things You Need to Know” segment
    • Behind-the-scenes artist updates and interviews
    • Hit songs from the past as part of our ‘Throwback’ music feature
    • Listener-focused features such as the ‘Future Fan Favorite’ where listeners vote on new music each week
    • Special edition year end shows – ‘Christmas Around the World’ and ‘Top Songs of the Year’


Listen to a quick 2-minute demo of the show!

20 The Countdown Magazine is based out of Dallas, Texas but syndicated on over 1,100 radio stations worldwide, including in the U.K., Canada, Kenya, Australia, and of course, hundreds of cities in the U.S.A.

In June of 2021, the show officially became a registered 501(c)3 non-profit ministry! We can now accept donations to not only support the production of the show but to spread the Gospel around the world through music, one countdown at a time!

Show Delivery

The countdown is delivered as individual .mp3 segments via an FTP download and via Dropbox that’s available mid-week, giving stations time to load it into their programming before the weekend. We send a weekly affiliate email to stations letting them know when it’s ready to download and it includes show notes & a new weekly promo for you to share with your listeners to promote the upcoming show.

Here are more details about the delivery of the show:


    • FTP or Dropbox download each week with individual .mp3 segments, a show promo for that specific show, and a cue sheet for board ops to follow along or for stations to use for music licensing reporting (example of a past cue sheet)
    • An affiliate newsletter sent out each week when the show is ready to download that includes show notes and a complete chart of the music on the countdown
    • 52 minutes of content each hour, allowing for 8 minutes of your personalized local content or advertising (example of show clocks)
    • ‘Resources’ section below on this page offers filler content for stations that need help filling the 8 minutes of local content each hour


**GOOGLE CHROME USERS**: The default “Enable support for FTP URLs” in Chrome was switched last year with an update. To enable it again copy/paste   chrome://flags/    in the address bar and hit enter. Use the search box on that page to find “Enable support for FTP URL’s” and then choose ‘enable’ instead of ‘default’ or ‘disabled’.


Having trouble downloading this week’s show?

Affiliate Relations Support

Our affiliate relations team is always available to help troubleshoot, answer questions & provide updates about the show. We also send a weekly affiliate email notifying radio stations when the show is available to download which includes show notes and other information to share with your listeners. This email always includes the current FTP/Dropbox information and will update stations on any important announcements about the show.

If you are not currently receiving the weekly affiliate email but would like to be added to the recipient list, please contact us here. You can also use that same link to reach out if you ever have a question, want to offer feedback on the show, or need to update to your station’s information we have on file (i.e. show run times/days, station contact changes, etc.).

Resources (Media + Graphics)

If you’re looking for resources to help promote the show, we have graphics for you to use freely on your website, social media, newsletters, etc. To access a folder of those graphics, click here.

If you would like custom liners for your radio station to use as you promote the show, William is available to record those and send them over anytime. We can also create a custom graphic for your website if one of our pre-designed versions doesn’t fit. You can make requests for those here.

Become an Affiliate

There is no cost for stations to air 20 The Countdown Magazine so we’d love the opportunity to partner with you and bring the show to your listeners each week! We find that listeners look forward to the countdown every weekend and even build the show into their weekly routine! Some stations even air the countdown multiple times over the weekend so if you’re looking to fill at least 2 hours of time with great programming each weekend, fill out the form below to get started. We’ll reach back out to you within a couple of business days with the next steps!