Fan Favorite – Ryan Stevenson – “Able”

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Ryan Stevenson – “Able”

Our God is able, yes He is, He is able

You need miracle, you need impossible

Something that you can’t do

Your hope is running low, it’s out of your control

You’re praying help is coming soon

(When you’re feeling low) He knows your sorrow

(Ain’t nothing He don’t know) holds you tomorrow

(Now there’s nothing in my way) this is not the end

Our God is able (when you’re weak He is)

Strong and faithful (keeps His promises)

Steady as the rising sun, what He said He’d do is done

Our God is able (so don’t be afraid)

Never changes (every single day)

There’s no wall He can’t break through, no mountain He can’t move

Our God is able

Thinking that is all is lost, so full of heavy thoughts

His peace will calm those waves

Nothing that He won’t do, to come to your rescue

So, cry out His name

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