10 Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

During the New Year, many set goals, make commitments, or resolve to bring about positive changes in their lives – including Christians. But let’s face it – as a Christian, the sanctification process and being transformed by the renewing of our minds like Romans 12:2 talks about is a continuous and daily event for the believer.

Whether or not you made New Year’s Resolutions as a Christian, or have resolutions as a Christian that are not confined to the turn of the calendar year, we wanted to share 10 tips to help you keep your resolutions.

1. Prayer and Guidance

Start and end your day with prayer. Seek God’s guidance and wisdom as you set and work towards your resolutions.

2. Align Goals with Values

Ensure that your resolutions align with your Christian values and principles. This will provide a strong foundation for your goals.

3. Fasting and Self-Discipline

Consider incorporating fasting or self-discipline as part of your resolution journey. This practice can help strengthen your spiritual resolve.

4. Scripture Meditation

Find relevant Bible verses that support your resolutions. Meditate on these Scriptures to draw strength and inspiration from your faith, and consider placing sticky notes of Scripture around your home, car, or office as frequent encouragement.

5. Accountability Partners in Faith

Share your resolutions with fellow believers who can provide spiritual support and hold you accountable in a Christian manner.

6. Service and Giving Back

Include resolutions that involve serving others and giving back to your community. Acts of kindness and generosity align with the Christian faith.

7. Reflect on God’s Plan

Regularly reflect on how your resolutions align with God’s plan for your life. Seek His guidance in discerning your purpose and direction.

8. Gratitude Practice

Cultivate a spirit of gratitude. Regularly express thanks to God for the progress you’ve made and the blessings in your life.

9. Forgiveness and Grace

If you encounter setbacks, or fail to meet certain goals, practice forgiveness and extend grace to yourself. Remember that God’s love never ceases and His mercies never come to an end (see Lamentations 3:22-23).

10. Community Worship

Engage in regular worship and fellowship with your Christian community. Share your resolution journey with others and draw strength from the body of Christ.

By incorporating these Christian tips into your resolution strategy, we hope you can give your goals a strong spiritual foundation as you strive for growth and positive change in your walk with God.

If you ever need prayer over your life, we would be happy to pray for you. Contact us here with your prayer request.

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