Fan Favorite – Jeremy Rosado – “Come and See”

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Jeremy Rosado – “Come And See”

I’ve seen the lowest low you could imagine

I’ve walked through things that you would not believe

Some might say that miracles don’t happen

But I believe the miracle is me

Come and see what God has done

Come and see who I’ve become

Ever since I met amazing grace

Everything has changed

Come and see the joy I’ve found

All the hope that fills me now

If you need proof that God can do anything

Come and see

Redemption is the center of my story

And mercy has become my cornerstone

There’s brokenness that I have had to carry

But I know I don’t carry it alone

Come and see the promises He’s kept

The grace in every step

The strength that came when I was weak

Come and see through all the deepest pain

A life that’s been sustained

The way He’s made a way for me

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