Biggest Artist News Stories of 2022

Each week on the show we share three stories we think you would like to know about the Christian music artists we all love. Sometimes it might be an artist who is getting married, or having a new baby that joined their family, or going out on tour, or writing a new book. But, for this special end of the year show, we thought it would be fun to look back on what you thought were the biggest stories of 2022. We looked at which stories were the most clicked on by you all year…And naturally,  we have to count these top three stories down! 


The third most clicked on news story from the past year was a story we shared back in February about Brandon Lake.  He was celebrating his 10 year anniversary with his wife and had a pretty big surprise for her!  For months, he had been secretly writing and recording an album of songs for her.  He called the project, “Almond Eyes,” and on their anniversary, he surprised his wife and played it for her!

Check it out:

Read the full news story here.


Coming in as the second most clicked on news story of 2022 is Katy Nichole sharing her story behind her song,  “In Jesus Name.” 

Katy never imagined that during one of the most difficult times in her life, after being diagnosed with scoliosis and having multiple surgeries, the Lord was writing a song in her heart through her journal entries and through healing her. 

Katy says that if she could say one thing to people – it is that God is a God of healing. God’s healed her, so she knows He can heal someone else.

Read the full news story here.


The story you were the most interested in for all of 2022 was another story about Brandon Lake that included a surprise for his wife!

Earlier this year, Brandon Lake, surprised his wife, Brittany, with a wedding ring. You might be wondering…What was she wearing before that? Well, the only ring they could afford when they got married was a reused ring from someone else.  Brandon decided it was time to get Brittany her own ring – one she had dreamed of!

So two out of our top three 2022 Artist News Stories involve Brandon surprising his wife…

Here is what we are thinking…Brandon is husband goals!  

Read the full news story here.

It was so fun to look back on all of the news stories of this past year, and do not worry! We will keep you up to date on all that is happening with your favorite artists each week in the new year!

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