Brandon Lake Reflects on Security Guards Starting A Relationship with Christ at Last Year’s Summer Worship Nights Tour

Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake are bringing back their Summer Worship Nights Tour which will hit 17 cities across North America.  In a recent interview with Christian Headlines, Brandon was reflecting on a favorite moment from last year’s tour.  

It was in the final moments of one of the concerts, when he and Phil asked the audience to raise their hands if they wanted to “start a relationship with Jesus,” when they noticed a commotion in the audience.  An entire group of security guards for the arena had their hands raised and accepted Christ right then during the concert!  Members from the audience began to surround the security guards and helped them take the next step on their spiritual journey. 

Brandon says, “…this is why we do concerts…it’s not to entertain…it’s to see people have an encounter with God!”  

We love this story so much, and this is exactly why we do this show every week.  It is not to entertain but that through the lyrics of these songs you could also have an encounter with Jesus!  If you are curious to know more, check out our “Meet Jesus” page that will answer some questions and also give you a place to connect with our team to know more! 

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