Brandon Lake Surprises Wife After 11 Years

You might remember Brandon Lake from songs like “Graves Into Gardens” with Elevation Worship, and this past week he did something really sweet for his wife! After being married for 11 years, Brandon Lake finally surprised his wife Brittany with a wedding ring.

You might be wondering… what was she wearing before that? Well, for the past 11 years, Brittany has either been wearing a recycled ring that was the only thing he could afford at the time, or a ring that was a gift from someone else but wasn’t her own.

In a really sweet video that Brandon posted this week, he took Brittany back to the place they met and gave her the ring she’d always dreamt of. When he slides the ring on her finger, he asks her if the ring is too small, and she says, “Well, I am…” leaving fans to speculate what she meant! Too excited not to share, Brandon and Brittany Lake later confirmed in another post that they are expecting baby Lake #3!

Check out both videos from Brandon Lake’s Instagram page below!

Congratulations, Lake family! We’re celebrating with you!

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