Check Out These Songs To Celebrate Resurrection Sunday

With it being Easter Weekend, we made a list of some of our favorite songs that we think you will love to listen to as you celebrate Resurrection Sunday! 

We included a few that we played on the show this week, like a new one from Phil Wickham, and an older one from Casting Crowns, but we have quite a few more. Check it out!

What songs do you love to listen to during Easter Weekend and Resurrection Sunday? Are there any songs we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Comments (2)
  • March 31, 2024
    TJ Taylor

    Thanks for the compilation. My favorites are “The Easter Song” by 2nd Chapter of Acts”, and “He’s Alive” by Don Francisco. Classics. I also love the hymn, “Up From the Grave He Arose”.

  • March 31, 2024
    Chad S

    You missed a few that I can think of…
    “Arise My Love” from Newsong.
    2 from Crowder…
    “Red Letters”
    and the #8 song this week.. “Grave Robber”
    how do you miss that one?

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