Christian Music Artists Played Shows At Fairs All Over The U.S. This Year

Big Tex is the official icon of the State Fair of Texas, otherwise known as the World’s Tallest Cowboy Statue at a whopping 55 feet tall!

This week, our host, William Ryan III, and his wife, Christy, went to the annual state fair.  There are a ton of things to do like see concerts and ride carnival rides, but they mainly go for the interesting fried food.  This year, they tried all sorts of things as they have mentioned on the show, and they were all pretty good!  

But, they were not the only ones hitting State Fairs this year. Many Christian artists played shows at fairs all over the country this year!  Matthew West and Anne Wilson recently played a show at the Kansas State Fair.  Katy Nichole played a show at the Oklahoma State Fair.  And Jeremy Camp has played at several fairs this year.  

So you gotta let us know!  Do you have a State Fair close to where you live? If so, let us know what interesting foods you have tried there!

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