Crowder Releases Perfect Song For Thanksgiving and Christmas

Here in the United States, we just celebrated Thanksgiving! In William Ryan III’s family, this means they gather around the table for a meal and reflect on what they are grateful for in the past year.  

William Ryan III and his family visited family in Oklahoma City this past week, and his mother-in-law was cooking days before Thanksgiving to get ready. He says the cooking preparations in the days ahead were SO worth it because it is the best meal of the year, not only because of the food his mother-in-law cooks, but also because of the time they get to spend together as a family.

One thing about the Thanksgiving holiday is that there is just not “Thanksgiving music” like there is for Christmas. But…we are happy to share that Crowder has changed that!  

Crowder just released the perfect song for the season called, “Thanks Giver.” It is a message of gratitude for all of life’s blessings, both big and small, and it is just the right song to take us from Thanksgiving into Christmas.

Take a listen now!

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