End Of Year Show: The Most Clicked News Story From 2023

For this special year end show, we thought it would be fun to look back on what YOU thought were the biggest stories of 2023.  So, we looked at which stories were the most clicked on by you all year…

The story that you were the most interested in for all of 2023 was a story about Brandon Lake!  If you listened to our Year End Countdown Show last year, you may remember that Brandon Lake had 2 of our top 3 most read stories!  So we guess it should come as no surprise that he is back on the list for the number 1 most read story of 2023! 

Earlier this year, in June, we shared that Brandon Lake, his wife, Brittany, and their 3 kids live in Charleston, South Carolina.  And Charleston Home + Design magazine featured Brandon Lake and his home on their summer cover!  That issue was filled with pictures of his beautiful family and their home, as well as a bit of their story.  

Check it out!

Photos by Callie Webster

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