Behind the Scenes of for King & Country’s “Little Drummer Boy” Video

If you haven’t seen the beautiful production yet, we’ve got the video of “Little Drummer Boy” here for you, along with some behind the scenes details!

The video was filmed at a series of locations, including Wyoming, Utah and Luke Smallbone’s own backyard! But who we think really stole the show of the video is none other than Luke’s 5 year old son, Phoenix. He played the role of the little drummer boy and he rocked it! Check out the video below:

You’ll notice toward the end of the video where it looks like they’ve arrived in Jerusalem, but they were actually borrowing the set of the television show, “The Chosen”.

Phoenix wasn’t the only family member part of the production. Joel and Luke shared that their brother, Ben is the amazing director behind Little Drummer Boy, and all of their music videos. To check out the behind the scenes video, watch below:

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Comments (2)
  • December 7, 2020
    Annette Davidson

    You guys are amazing!! It’s because of you that I’ve changed things in my life. You are just amazing!!

  • December 9, 2020
    Lisa an Brogan

    My Grandson loves this video so much, we watch it about 5 times a day. He actually loves all your videos. But Little drummer boy is his favorite.
    I love the live one from CMT country Christmas.
    Thank you for such great music❤

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