Lauren Daigle Sings With Second Place Winner On American Idol, Megan Danielle

The show, American Idol, just finished its 21st season!  The reality television show searches all over America for the best singers that will then launch into a music career.  

We did a little research on some of the biggest artists that American Idol has discovered over the last 21 years – Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Tori Kelly, Mandisa, Danny Gokey, and Lauren Daigle, just to name a few!  And the majority of those names did not even win first place on the show, yet they have gone on to have very successful careers.

So, as this season’s finale aired this week, we wanted to share a follow up story with you.  You may remember that Lauren Daigle surprised Megan Danielle as she auditioned with her song, “You Say.”  Well, that contestant ended up winning second place! And this week on the finale, she had the opportunity to sing with Lauren Daigle again, only this time it was not a surprise! 

We were cheering Megan Danielle on all season as we loved her voice but also that she was so open about her Christian faith!  In fact, her Instagram bio says, “I am a Christian Singer / Songwriter who wants to share the love of Jesus.”  Megan did just that all season long.  Congratulations, Megan!  And we cannot wait until you have a song on our show someday!  

Check out this clip of Lauren Daigle with Megan Danielle:

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