Matt Redman’s “Son of Suffering” To Play In The Chosen Season 3 Finale

Matt Redman’s new video for his song, “Son of Suffering,” will play before the premiere of The Chosen, Season 3 Finale that is in theaters around the world this weekend!  William Ryan III and his wife, Christy, already had the chance to see this in theaters with friends, and they say – If you live in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, you DO NOT want to miss the chance to watch it on the big screen!  

If you are not familiar, The Chosen is a television series that gives a picture of Jesus’ life and ministry, seen through the eyes of the people who knew Him.  The series has become a global phenomenon that has been translated into 62 languages so far.

We love that Matt Redman’s latest song will be featured in the show this weekend.  Matt says that countless people have been impacted by The Chosen – and he is one of them. He loves that it not only tells the story of Jesus but also His heart.

His song, “Son of Suffering” will tie in beautifully to the show. It reminds us that Jesus did not just look down upon the world’s pain but came down and met us in our struggle!

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