Matthew West Shares About His Recent Car Accident

Matthew West shared on his Instagram that he was in a pretty bad car accident this week. He lives in Nashville, TN and that area got some intense springtime weather this week.  

As he was driving home from a radio station interview in the storm, his car hydroplaned, and he lost complete control and hit a median.  He said in that very moment he cried out to Jesus for help.  We are so thankful to share that Matthew walked away from the accident sore, but okay…even though his car is not.  

As we were thinking about how Matthews’ song, “Don’t Stop Praying,” has been impacting so many of you, his story reminded us that this is what it really looks like to walk with the Lord.  Sometimes we plan our times to spend in prayer, and sometimes there is not even time to react, but a prayer just comes from your soul.  But just as his song says, “we don’t stop praying, and we don’t stop calling on Jesus name!”

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