Matthew West’s Daughter Turns 16

Lulu West, Matthew and Emily West’s oldest daughter, turned 16 last week!

They got to rent out a spot for her and her friends to celebrate her birthday and dance the night away. Matthew West wrote a sweet post that reflected on song lyrics he had written before Lulu was born, saying “When you were born, I wrote these lyrics in a lullaby for you: Couldn’t wait to meet you / Hope you like your name / I get the funny feeling / Life will never be the same. Those words turned out to be true! You’ve changed my world.” Emily, Lulu’s mom, posted a few of her favorite things about her daughter and finished it with, “When I stop to think about my girl, I thank God for the light she brings to this world and all of the the things that she’s learning from her growing relationship with Him.”

Check out some photos below from their event! And congratulations on getting your driver’s license too, Lulu! Share your birthday wishes in the comments!

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