Michael W. Smith Honors Billy Graham at Statue Unveiling

Michael W. Smith recently had the profound honor of participating in the unveiling ceremony of a statue dedicated to the late evangelist Billy Graham at the U.S. Capitol’s National Statuary Hall. The statue, crafted by North Carolina artist Chas Fagan, captures Graham pointing to an open Bible, symbolizing his lifelong dedication to preaching the Gospel.

During the ceremony, Smith led attendees in the hymn “I Surrender All,” a song that holds special significance for him. Reflecting on the final months of Graham’s life, Smith shared how he would often play and sing classic hymns by Graham’s side, creating cherished memories of spiritual intimacy and connection.

The statue’s base features two Bible verses that were central to Graham’s ministry: John 14:6 and John 3:16. These inscriptions serve as a reminder of the core messages Graham preached throughout his life. Franklin Graham, Billy’s son, emphasized that his father would have preferred the focus to be on Jesus Christ rather than on himself.

The ceremony included remarks from various dignitaries, including House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senator Ted Budd, who highlighted Graham’s impact on millions and his role in promoting unity and faith. Johnson noted that the statue’s placement in the Capitol ensures that countless visitors will be exposed to Graham’s message of salvation.

Michael W. Smith’s performance and heartfelt reflections added a poignant and personal touch to the event, celebrating the enduring legacy of Billy Graham and his unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel.

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