The Newsboys Gather Band Mates For A Fun Game Of Trivia

Do you follow the Newsboys on Instagram?  They have been having a lot of fun lately gathering the guys for some good trivia!  

This week, they played “Name That Tune” where they played the intro to one of their songs and gave the band mates each a buzzer to see who could be the first to name the song and the album name.  

How well do you think you know Newsboys songs?  Two of the guys scored 0, and Michael Tait got 3 songs correct.  

But the clear front runner that got 10 songs was Jeff Frankenstein!  Jeff has played keyboards, bass, sung background vocals and is the music director for the Newsboys.  He has been in the band since the very early days of Newsboys – nearly 30 years – so no surprise that he knows their music! 

Check it out.

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