Reflecting on the Blessing Mandisa Was to Us

This past week, the music industry has been mourning the loss of Mandisa.  We first met her when she walked into the American Idol audition of Season 5 back in 2006.  Her talent was incredible, but her grace was even more special.

When one of the judges hurt her deeply, listen to how she responded.

Shortly after the show ended, she went on to a successful career in Christian music and had many songs on the radio and even received a Grammy award!  

We played one of our favorites, “Overcomer,” at the start of the show.  But, our host, William Ryan III, also loved “Good Morning” and has such great memories with that song.  When his twins were in elementary school, their principal played this song every Friday for morning assembly.  It was the best song to get all the kids smiling, dancing, and excited about their day!

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