Riley Clemmons Shares Why She Stepped Away From Music For A Time

Riley Clemmons just released her brand new album, “Church Pew,” which includes the song, “Loved By You” that has been on our chart for the last few weeks.  

We had not heard a lot from her the last couple of years, and she recently shared more about that season.  Riley said that this new album came out of a time in her life that was a very low point filled with depression and anxiety.  

In the middle of that moment, she felt like the Lord was encouraging her to take a step away from music and get quiet with Him.  It was through this season that God was so faithful to her, and the songwriting just began flowing out of her naturally for this new album!  

Riley says she was actually still in high school when she began releasing music, so we think there is so much wisdom in taking time to step away.  

But, we do want to say – Welcome back, Riley! We are glad you are here with another encouraging song on our chart again!

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