We Are Messengers Vocalist Wrecks Truck

Darren Mulligan, the lead vocalist from the band We Are Messengers whose song “Come What May” hit #1 on our chart last week, had a scary encounter when an icy bridge caused his truck to lose control and flip off the road, narrowly missing another vehicle.

Thankfully, he climbed out of the truck without a scrape and a man named Efrain stopped to help him. Darren said that just ten seconds before, he told God: “My life has always been in your hands and still is!” And we’re so glad God was looking out for him! The man that stopped to help, Efrain, gave Darren a ride to the airport since Darren was actually on his way to leave for the first show of the year for the band!

Check out Darren’s post from Instagram below!

So scary!! Have you had a God moment like this? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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