Ideas For Christian Families To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Together

Though we often think of romantic love during this holiday, Valentine’s Day can also be a day that we celebrate love in general – with our families, friends, and most importantly, God.

This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to reflect on God’s love for us – the greatest Love of all.

Check out these ideas for Christian families to celebrate Valentine’s Day together with faith-based activities, prayers, and reflections.

1. Family Prayer Time

Begin the day with a special family prayer time, expressing gratitude for the love within the family and asking for God’s guidance in each family member’s life.

2. Love Letter to God

Encourage each family member to write a love letter to God, expressing their gratitude for His love, guidance, and blessings. Share these letters during a family gathering.

3. Scripture Memory Game

Create a fun and educational game by turning scripture memorization into a family activity. Choose Bible verses related to love and have a competition to see who can memorize and recite them accurately.

4. Family Devotional on Love

Select a passage from the Bible that emphasizes the theme of love, such as 1 Corinthians 13. Read and discuss the passage together, sharing insights on how the family can embody these principles in daily life.

5. Acts of Kindness Jar

Create a jar filled with small acts of kindness that family members can do for each other throughout the day. These acts can be accompanied by scripture verses on love and kindness.

6. Family Worship Session

Spend time worshiping together as a family. Sing hymns or Christian songs that focus on God’s love, and take turns sharing what each family member appreciates about God’s love.

7. Valentine’s Day Craft with a Message

Engage in a craft activity where family members create Valentine’s Day cards or decorations with Bible verses about love. Display these creations around the house as a reminder of God’s love.

8. Family Acts of Service

Instead of traditional gifts, plan a day of family service. Choose a local charity or community organization and spend the day serving together, reflecting on the importance of selfless love.

9. Family Reflection Time

Set aside a specific time for the family to reflect on the past year and express gratitude for the love and support they’ve received from each other and from God.

10. Family Meal Blessing

During the family meal, have each family member share a blessing or express gratitude for someone else at the table. This can be accompanied by a short prayer of thanksgiving.

11. Family Movie Night with a Christian Message

Choose a family-friendly movie with a Christian message about love, sacrifice, or unity. After the movie, discuss the themes and relate them to the family’s own experiences.

Remember to tailor these activities to the preferences and dynamics of your own family. We hope you will be blessed by these activities for your Valentine’s Day this year!

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