Big Daddy Weave Remembers Jay Weaver

It’s been over a month since Jay Weaver of the band Big Daddy Weave, passed away and they recently played their first show without him and shared that it was really hard.

As they thought back to the life Jay lived, they remembered how Jay prayed over every single seat in each venue they were performing in. When his mobility was challenged, one of the bandmates, the crew, or his family would pray over the seats he couldn’t physically reach. They said, “While we are missing our brother Jay, we are inspired to continue this calling.” 

In a special episode of their “In Pursuit” podcast, lead singer and Jay’s brother Mike Weaver gathers along with Big Daddy Weave members and their longtime manager to reminisce and tell stories. Jay’s life is remembered with joy, thanksgiving and inspiration.

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  • February 19, 2022

    How Great the LIFE Jay lived is stiDR ll continuing because of his family,Friends,and loved ones.
    You see the Value of Prayer in our lives and our ministry. It’s the Glue that holds Everything Together.
    I really appreciate your Integrity for “Inviting The Holy Spirit” into the
    God Bless you

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