Maverick City Music Reflects on Humble Beginnings

Naomi Raine of Maverick City recently shared a special video on social media from a day that she will never forget. The video shows the night before recording the group’s first album, “Maverick City Music Vol. 1”, where some were just meeting for the first time, worshipping Jesus together, and sharing in their talents that would bring them to a place that none of them could imagine today.

Naomi shares, “I was sure that God led me to that moment but I was scared because I didn’t know exactly why I was there. But, I knew there was so much purpose in it. And although so many things have changed, our desire to sit in a room, with or without an instrument, worshiping our Holy God has not.“

What an amazing moment captured! Take a minute to think, what is the Lord asking you to step out and do? Sometimes the biggest blessings are those that come from unfamiliar beginnings, but he will equip you for the journey ahead.

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