Blessing Offor Makes His Debut on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show

Blessing Offor made his debut on NBC’s The Kelly Clarkson Show this week.  He was introduced by guest host, Jay Leno, and performed his hit song “Brighter Days.”  

“Brighter Days” has been in our Top 5 on the countdown for the last weeks, so you know we can’t get enough of it over here at 20 the Countdown Magazine!

Watch his performance here:

Don’t you just love that song? When we think about Blessing Offor’s story, the lyrics to this song become even more powerful. Blessing was actually born in Nigeria and was born blind in one eye. At the age of six, his parents sent him to the United States with his uncle in an effort to restore his vision.  Unfortunately, he completely lost his eyesight by age 10, but God wasn’t done with his story!  Before he lost his vision, his school teachers helped nurture his talent on the piano. Blessing kept growing in the gift God had given him, and today the Lord is using his story and his song “Brighter Days” to bring encouragement all over the world! 

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