Check Out These New Collaborations from Christian Music Artists

Last week we shared with you that Lauren Daigle invited Blessing Offor to sing with her on her song, “These Are The Days”! And then this week, we started noticing that there are some really fun new collaborations everywhere in Christian music!  

We Are Messengers is featuring Blanca on their new song, “My Hope Is In You”.

And Katy Nichole said it was such an honor that she was able to collaborate with Naomi Raine on her new song, “My God Can”!

This week we took a little poll and asked in our 20 The Countdown Magazine Listeners private Facebook group: “What Christian artists would you love to see collaborate together?”

We looked through the responses, and there were some really fun ideas in there! 

Like some great suggestions for Brandon Lake to collaborate with Anne Wilson or with Lauren Daigle.

And lots of suggestions for the band, for King & Country!  Listeners suggested they collaborate with Maverick City Music, TobyMac, or our favorite suggestion, their sister, Rebecca St. James!  

Now it is your turn! 

Let us know – What two artists or groups would you want to see collaborate? 

Send us a message, and tell us your dream collaboration!

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