Chris Tomlin Releases Brand New Spanish Version Of “Holy Forever” With Miel San Marcos

About a year ago, our host, William Ryan III, was introduced by his daughter, Bailey, to worship music by a band he had never heard of.  She had become friends with some of the teenagers from this family band, and while their worship music might have been new to him, Miel San Marcos is not at all new to Spanish Worship Music!  

This band of three brothers that got their start in Guatemala has traveled the world, packing arenas as they spread the gospel through worship music.  And just a few days ago, Chris Tomlin released a brand new Spanish version of Holy Forever, featuring Miel San Marcos!

Chris says he is so excited about this new version of the song and is grateful for the way Miel San Marcos has championed this song in the local church! 

Check out this clip we have for you.

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