Frannie From We The Kingdom Cooks Salmon On Tour Bus

Did you make any January resolutions to eat more healthy?  If so, how are they going?  We were noticing a theme this week as we were checking in on some of your favorite artists.  Everyone is starting the new year by having salmon for dinner!  Danny Gokey and his wife were eating salmon this week, and William Ryan III’s wife even made that for their family this week!

But, it was Frannie from the band, We the Kingdom, who really let her band know what was for dinner!  As they are headed out on the Winter Jam tour this week, Frannie said she is trying to eat more healthy.  So, she packed her salmon, veggies, and air fryer on the tour bus.  However, she said the guys in the band are not thrilled that the entire bus may permanently smell like salmon now.  But hey, nobody said tour bus life was glamorous, right!?

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