Micah Tyler Gives Great Christmas Gift Idea

It has been about a month since Christmas, and we are wondering – if you have kids, are they still playing with their presents? Or have they already been forgotten?  Amy from our team was telling us that she does “experience gifts for her grandkids,” and this week, Micah Tyler shared that he did the same thing!  This is such a cool idea you will want to remember for next year!

Micah said he and his wife wanted to do something really different instead of a “big gift” under the tree this year.  So he cashed in all of his airline and hotel points, and he took each of his three kids on a 2-day one-on-one trip. He and his youngest went to Legoland in Florida.  He took his daughter to NYC where they got to see two live musicals.  And he took his oldest son to LA for a Lakers and LA Clippers game.  

Micah said he will not forget the memories he made with each of his kids, and it was truly one of his favorite weeks as a Dad.

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