Lauren Daigle Surprises American Idol Contestant

This week on the reality television show, American Idol, contestant Megan Danielle had the surprise of her life!  She chose Lauren Daigle’s song, “You Say” to sing as her audition song in front of a few judges to see if she could advance to the next round in the competition. 

Well, what she did not know was that Lauren Daigle was already in town for a concert nearby, so when Lauren found out that Megan was going to sing her song in the audition, she decided to show up unannounced and surprise her!  And she totally did!  As soon as Megan got to the chorus, Lauren walked into the audition room and started singing along with her!  I think Megan was totally thrown off for a second when she turned to see who was singing along, and when she realized who it was, she was shocked!

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