Maverick City Music Brings Glory To God With Historic Grammy Wins

Did you watch the Grammy awards last weekend? If not, you may have seen clips from the night or heard people talking about it. William Ryan III and his wife watched it, and honestly, it was shocking just how much darkness there is in our culture. Our hearts were grieved.  But, there were a couple of moments that you are not going to hear much about. In fact, the Grammy’s did not even televise these moments that we are going to share with you.

There are four awards for categories of Christian and Gospel music in the Grammy’s, and this year, Maverick City Music won those Grammy’s in all four categories –  For Best Gospel Song & Album and Best Christian Music Song & Album!

Yes, that was history made that night, and no, that has never happened before!

With such huge news, we certainly could have stopped right there and just celebrated, but here is what is even more amazing – we want you to hear what Brandon Lake shared with that entire audience when he accepted the award for the song, “Fear Is Not my Future.”

Chandler Moore also quoted Psalm 150:6 while accepting the award for their album, Breathe, telling the audience God is the one who gives us breath, and the purpose of that breath is to praise the Lord!

Lastly, check out what Naomi Raine shared when she accepted their award for Best Gospel Album:

These moments may not be talked about, but everyone in that room heard the hope that we have as believers.  Everyday, we have the opportunity to share that hope with a hurting world.  It may not be with a microphone on a Grammy stage like Maverick City had this week, but like Jesus told us in Matthew 5, you are the light of the world!  Let that light shine, and bring the hope of Jesus to the hurting and the broken in your life.

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