The Afters’ Band Member, Josh Havens, Shares about Listening to 20 The Countdown Magazine Growing Up

We had a fun moment on social media this week!  Josh Havens from the band, The Afters, shared with us that he grew up listening to 20 The Countdown Magazine here in Dallas, Texas every week!  

He was such a fan of the show as a kid that he and his sister even made their own version of The Countdown on cassette tapes where they got to be the hosts!  We love that so much, and we are just throwing this out there…Josh, William Ryan III said he is open to a co-host anytime!  

We also were thinking about the next generation that is listening to the show this weekend!  Here at 20 The Countdown Magazine, we believe we have the opportunity to spread the Gospel around the world through music one countdown at a time!  So through this music, seeds are being planted in the hearts of future Christian songwriters and artists just like Josh Havens!

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