The Afters’ Song, “God Is With Us,” Offers Powerful Reminder

Back in September, you voted on the latest song from the band, The Afters, called “God Is With Us.” We were reading about this song this week and wanted to share more of the story with you.  

Written by band members, Josh Havens and Matt Fuqua, this song serves as a reminder that God has promised to be with us in every moment of our lives. He is where we can find the hope we need during our hardest times.

The song’s message has not only been impactful for thousands of listeners but also is ministering to the band members right where they are. Matt’s wife is currently suffering from a progressive form of lung disease, and Josh’s sister, an archaeologist, lives in Israel and is directly experiencing how the Israel-Hamas war is impacting her country.  

Listen to the powerful reminder in the words of this song.

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