We Are Messengers’ Darren Mulligan Celebrates Parents Coming To Faith

Darren Mulligan, from the band, We Are Messengers, shared a powerful moment on social media that happened in his family this week.  His mom and dad were water baptized in the same church community that he came to faith seventeen years ago!  And three generations of Mulligans were able to share in this moment!  

Darren’s testimony is pretty amazing. He and his family knew nothing of Jesus until his wife, Heidi, came to faith, and that decision spread to an entire family!  

But, this next part is really beautiful!  Darren says that his children prayed for their grandparents to come to faith in Jesus night after night and what they witnessed this week was truly a miracle.   

We think this is such a key part for us and a great reminder from Darren – that if you are praying for friends and family, do not give up!  Sometimes we pray for years and years, but oh, what a celebration it is when our loved ones come to faith! 

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