Michael Cochren From The Band, Cochren & Co. Shares His Testimony In New Song

Michael Cochren of the band, Cochren & Co, has a new song based on his testimony of how he came to Christ.  He was in the driver’s seat of his car at the lowest point of his life, praying desperately for God to show up.  As he ended the prayer, he turned on the local Christian radio station, and a song came on that changed his heart and life forever.  

We love this story so much because last year, our team wrote a mission statement for 20 The Countdown Magazine, which is – “spreading the Gospel around the world through music, one countdown at a time!”  Because just like Michael Cochren experienced, the lyrics to the songs we play each week have the power to change lives, and we are honored to partner with so many incredible radio stations around the world to share this music! 

We would love to continue this conversation. If you have not joined our private Facebook group yet, make sure you do this week, as we will be asking the question – “What song in Christian music has impacted your life the most?”

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